My thoughts on the Crystal Reading Cards deck

Rachelle Charman Crystal Reading Cards


This month I’m reviewing Rachelle Charman’s Crystal Reading Cards, published by Rockpool Publishing.

It’s one thing to buy a new deck of oracle cards and start using them. It’s an entirely different – and profound – experience to spend a day in a workshop with the deck’s creator, infusing the energy of each of the crystals displayed on the cards into your own clear quartz point for future healing. So the short story is, I LOVE this deck!

I had the pleasure of attending a 1-day Oracle Card Reading workshop recently, with Rachelle Charman, creator of the Crystal Reading Cards deck and founder of the Academy of Crystal Awakening.

Crystal Reading Cards Rachelle Charman


I’m a huge fan of Rachelle’s and have spent this year working through each of the workshops in her Diploma of Crystal Healing and Crystal Shamanism. You can read more about the Crystal Shamanism Level 1 workshop in this post.

More about the Crystal Reading Cards deck

I appreciate the way Rockpool-published decks come in solid boxes with magnetic strips that keep the lid firmly in place. The boxes are made from thick, solid cardboard and keep the cards safe and in good condition.

This deck contains 56 cards – four master teacher cards (like the Major Arcana cards in traditional tarot decks), and fifty-two crystal cards. Rachelle mentioned that about 70% of the crystals we worked with during the workshop were the actual crystals shown on the cards.

Crystal Reading Cards deck


The fact that we were able to personally work with a such a wide variety of crystals – and particularly some like Crocoite, Brazillianite, Libyan Gold Tektite and Cacoxenite – which can be a little harder to find than some of the more common crystals, was a real treat.

The cards are a good size and fit nicely in the hand when shuffling.

And the guidebook provides solid information about how to use the cards, and about each crystal, channelled by Rachelle from the Deva of each crystal, and her familiar friend, Grandmother Crystal Deva.

Rachelle talked a lot about the Crystal Devas (think of the Devas as being the “higher self” of each crystal) in the workshop and encouraged us to continue to work with them as we use the cards.

Using the cards for readings and within crystal healing treatments

Because each card is infused with the energy of the crystal shown on it, the cards can be used both in readings and also on the body like you would use a physical crystal in crystal healing.

Having worked with these cards during healing sessions since the workshop, I’ve observed that they provide really timely and accurate indications of what’s going on in a person’s life – and offer guidance to move that person forward.

I find that these cards offer more about what’s going on our inner world, and how that will effect change in our outer world. They offer guidance and clarity and you can feel the presence of each crystal deva as you connect with each card.

If you love crystals and oracle cards, you’ll be sure to love this Crystal Reading Cards deck.

My thoughts on Rachelle Charman’s Crystal Reading Cards from Melanie Surplice on Vimeo.