Shamanic Crystal Healing and Reiki

$140.00 90 minutes

I work with white light, energy and crystals to help your body’s energy centres, the chakras, return to a state of balance. My treatments combine Crystal Healing, Reiki, guided visualisations and shamanic practices. I currently offer these treatments in Teneriffe (Brisbane). Please check the calendar for available appointments or call me if you would like to arrange an alternative time outside of the set appointment times.


Crystals have been used for healing purposes for thousands of years. And similarly, shamans, or the medicine men and women of generations gone by, have been using the medicines of the earth for just as long.

As a qualified shamanic crystal healing and reiki practitioner,  I can offer you powerful healing processes that help your own body to facilitate healing at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

I work with crystals and crystal grids, oracle cards, shamanic drumming and other sacred ceremonies. And I also work with spirit and animal guides, Archangels and Angels and other light beings to assist in healing that is for your highest good.

After their healing sessions, my beautiful clients have said they’ve experienced powerful emotional shifts and profound peace. Some, have re-connected with aspects of themselves that have been dormant for many years. Others, have revisited and released painful experiences or memories which they’ve carried for decades. Most of them report transformation of some sort.

I currently offer these treatments in Teneriffe (Brisbane). Please check the calendar below for availability. I’ll provide the address when I confirm your appointment.

If you would like to experience more…

  • Stability, vitality and balance
  • Creativity, pleasure and passion
  • Confidence, freedom and courage
  • Love, joy and self-acceptance
  • Self-expression and confidence to speak your truth
  • Clarity, vision, insight and awareness
  • Bliss, lightness of being and spiritual awareness

…in your life, regular work on your chakras can really make a difference.

What happens in a treatment?

  • Each session typically runs for 75-90 minutes.
  • We’ll start by discussing specific issues which may be troubling you at the moment.
  • You lie (fully clothed) on a massage table, where I’ll guide you into a state of relaxation.
  • I place crystals on and around your body, and then use the various techniques and processes I mentioned above, to facilitate healing.
  • During the treatment, some people experience sensations of tingling, heat or cold, others experience vivid imagery or messages, while others experience profound relaxation and peace. Some people even fall asleep! All of these are perfectly normal, healthy reactions – rest assured, the energy and crystals are still doing their work!
  • The treatment concludes and we discuss self-care exercises.
  • I can also recommend crystals, books and meditations that can assist you to work on specific issues.

What should I do before and after any form of energy work?

  • Drink plenty of water both before and after your treatment. Water helps energy to move through your body and eliminate toxins.
  • Be gentle on yourself. Energy work can bring up deeply held emotions (this is a good thing!), so I always recommend to plan for some quiet, relaxing time after your treatment and feel into whatever comes up for you.
  • Pay attention to any recurring images, messages or signs – after you’ve done energy work, you are more connected with your own intuition and these messages may become more clear.
  • Consider writing in a journal about your feelings or what came up for you in the treatment. This practice can provide additional support to help you work through whatever it is you’re working through.

* Please note – I am not a medical doctor and I do not provide medical advice. Where appropriate, I will refer clients to appropriately qualified medical professionals, counsellors or appropriately qualified natural health practitioners. 


Cancellation Policy

I am committed to offering you a professional service. I respect that your time is valuable and I kindly request that you respect my time too.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations or requests to change the time or day of a treatment that occur 24 hours or more before the scheduled time, are able to be re-booked at no additional cost to you. If you cancel or need to reschedule an appointment with the 24-hour period, I reserve the right to charge a cancelled booking fee (equal to the full value of the treatment being cancelled).


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