Life Overview Card and Crystal Reading


As a Certified Angel Card Reader™ and Crystal Healing practitioner, I offer a Life Overview Card and Crystal Reading service, which can help to clarify issues around your love and relationships, life purpose, health, life transitions, general life issues and more.

This reading includes up to THREE specific questions or issues.



As a Certified Angel Card Reader™ and Crystal Healing practitioner, I offer a Life Overview Card and Crystal Reading service, which can help you explore questions around your:

  • Relationships and love
  • Life purpose
  • Health
  • Life transitions
  • General life issues

My readings combine both intuitive guidance from a range of Angel Card decks, and healing wisdom from crystals, which I will personally recommend for you and your specific situation.

What this Reading includes:

  • A Life Overview reading with up to three specific issues or questions you would like guidance on. I will choose somewhere between 9 and 12 cards for you.
  • A voice recording of your reading, and photograph of the cards I choose for you, emailed to you with 48 hours of your order being placed. This recording will likely go for 45-55 minutes.
  • Recommendations for specific crystals to assist with whatever issue you are currently working through.
  • A 15% discount off crystals in my gift shop, if purchased within a week of your reading. *

How it works:

I offer this as an online, recorded service, where:

  • You think about the questions or general life issues (choose up to three main areas) you would like more clarity on.
  • You purchase the reading via this page, and send your question in the order notes. You can include some brief context around the question if you wish.
  • When I do the reading for you, I tune into you and your question/issue and record an audio reading for you.
  • I upload the reading and the photograph of the cards I chose for you, to a private Dropbox folder that only you can access.
  • I email you the link to the folder, your crystal recommendations and a coupon code for the 15% discount.

You are not at all obligated to purchase crystals from me as part of your reading!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how the readings work. You can read more about me and my qualifications here.

* Please note – I am not a medical doctor or counsellor and I do not provide medical advice or counselling. Where appropriate, I will refer clients to appropriately qualified medical professionals, counsellors or appropriately qualified natural health practitioners. 

* Please also note that this reading does not include a face-to-face meeting or phone call with me – it’s an online recorded reading which allows you to listen to the recording at your convenience.

* The THREE questions or issues relate to you – this offer is not available for two people to split into a 1 or 2 Question reading each.

* This discount includes all products in the Crystals section of the gift shop, including Agate, Carved Shapes, Specimens and individual tumble stones. It does not include Crystal Kits, Cups of Inspiration, sale items or anything outside of this section.

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