Energetic Protection Crystal Kit

Energetic Protection Crystal Kit

Designed to repel negative energy, this Energetic Protection Crystal Kit includes powerful crystals known for their protective qualities. This kit includes crystals which protect you and your space against negative energies and entities, psychic attack and electromagnetic smog (emissions from electronic devices like computers and mobile phones.)
Lunar Cycle crystal kit

Lunar Cycle Crystal Kit

The Moon is a powerful energetic force in our lives, and this Lunar Cycle Crystal Kit helps to tap into the energies of both New Moons and Full Moons. There are 10 crystals specifically chosen to help you manifest and release during the lunar cycle.
Blue Beauty Peacock

A Cup of Inspiration: Blue Beauty

Like the beautiful peacock that swirls around the saucer, this Cup of Inspiration, themed Blue Beauty, comes with stunning blue crystals and tumble stones whose true colours become even more vibrant when you take a closer look.