How to cleanse, program and care for your crystals

How to cleanse, program and care for your crystals


Crystals are beautiful, energetically powerful gifts from Mother Nature, so it’s important we treat them with respect. And it’s because of their energetic nature that we need to cleanse, program and care for them.

In this post, I talk about various options for cleansing crystals, what programming is and why it’s a good idea to do it, and how care to for your crystals, so you can continue to benefit from their powerful healing energies.

Please bare in mind that working with crystals is largely based on intention and intuition. These stones can’t harm you (unless you were to inhale the dust of a toxic crystal like malachite in its raw form, for example), and you can’t actually “get it wrong” when working with crystals – so the suggestions below are really just guidelines.

How to cleanse crystals

Crystals both attract and radiate energy, so its important to cleanse them when you first receive new crystals, after you’ve used them for any kind of energy work and after other people have touched them (if you’re using them for specific purposes).

Some of the techniques for cleansing crystals include:

  • Rinsing them in running water and imagining the crystals being cleansed. Please note that delicate crystals like selenite, celestite and kyanite (that look quite flaky) can dissolve in water so should be kept dry. I had heard a rule of thumb that any of the crystals ending in “-ite” should not be wet – but it wasn’t confirmed if this was just raw specimens or tumble stones too – I haven’t been game to rinse any of my “-ite” crystals. But any of the harder stones, like quartz, amethyst, citrine etc, can typically be rinsed with water.
  • Some people like to cleanse their crystals in sea water or water in lakes, waterfalls or other places that hold special significant for them.
  • Holding them out in the sunlight (or under a full moon) for a couple of hours, and with the power of your intention, envisage that they are cleansed.
  • Smudging, which is waving a burning sage stick around the crystals, letting the smoke cleanse them.
  • Holding them in your hands, and gently blowing cleansing breath over the crystals – again, this one comes down to intention, but is till quite powerful.
  • Using sound, for example, either putting the crystals in or under a crystal singing bowl, using tibetan bells or a shamanic drum, or pretty much any kind of musical instrument. The sound waves help to re-tune the crystals back to their original vibration. Hibiscus Moon, who runs the Certified Crystal Healer program I’m currently working through, even suggests you can re-tune your crystals with loud rock music (or any loud music).

How and why to program crystals

Crystals all have different properties that are known to help with specific spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions – you can learn more about several hundred different crystals on this site. Each of the products in the Crystals section of my gift shop has descriptions about which crystals are good for which conditions.

That said, we can also enhance the power of crystals using the power of intention.

Say for example, you wanted to program a piece of citrine, the stone of abundance, to help you manifest money or business success. Once you have cleansed your citrine (whether it’s a point or generator, or a cluster or a tumble stone), take a few minutes to connect with the crystal. Close your eyes and remember a time in your life when you felt very abundant or very successful.

Connect with those feelings, and really try to sink into them deeply. Stay in that place for a couple of minutes and then “beam” those feelings into the crystals. Envisage all of those positive images, memories and feelings being absorbed into the crystal.

Then hold the crystal in your left hand, close to your heart, and say something to the effect of: “This crystal is here to manifest abundance in all aspects of my life. I program it to represent abundance in health and wealth, opportunities and the things I most desire. An abundance of good is flowing into my life, in divine timing and with supreme grace.”

You can use the same process for pretty much every crystal you want to actively work with – just change your intention and affirmation to program it accordingly.

You can also use crystals in crystal grids, which combines your intention for the crystals with principles of sacred geometry – like this forgiveness and compassion grid (or mandala) below. This post explains in more detail, how to harness the power of crystal grids.

Mel's Mandala - Love and Compassion


Ongoing care for your crystals

Here are just some ideas about how to care for your crystals!

Some people leave their crystals lying around and never touch them, while others use them in sacred spaces, rituals, carry them in their bag (or in their bra or pocket) – there are plenty of uses for crystals. Sign up below to receive my free eBook, about 9 Ways to Zen Your Home with Crystals.

In terms of storing crystals, I personally use velvet-lined jewellery boxes to store tumble stones (because I have so many), but you can store them in cloth bags or wooden boxes – or you can leave them out on display – you may need to give them a dust every now to keep them at their sparkliest best.

Some crystals – like amethyst for example, can fade or change colour in the sun after long periods of time. If this happens and the colour really fades, you could try burying the piece in a pot plant or your garden for several months and see if it returns to its original colour.

Cleansing or recharging your crystals under the full moon each month is also a popular practice. You could take all your crystals outside on a tray and leave them under the moonlight. Some people prefer to put them under a window sill and let the full moon light bathe the crystals that way. It’s really up to you and personal preference. I don’t have a practical space outside my apartment to put my crystals, so I line them up under my window and leave the blinds open overnight.

In the Certified Crystal Healer course, Hibiscus Moon mentioned that if there were massive geopathic events like earthquakes or tsunamis near you, that it is worth re-tuning your crystals with a sound bowl (or any kind of sound wave), to knock them back into their usual vibrational frequency.

Energetic cleansing of crystals is particularly important if you’re using crystals in any kind of treatment or healing space. Smudging or the use of vibrational mists is a great way to cleanse everything quickly between clients.

A client at one of my workshops mentioned that her sister, a kinesiologist, had had a large clear quartz cluster in her treatment room for years. It sat up on a window ledge and she wasn’t actively using it for healing. When the time came to move from that space, the kinesiologist went to move the cluster, and it disintegrated. Clear quartz is very “open” to absorbing energy and this piece had literally been absorbing energy for years….it’s hard to say whether regular cleansing of that piece would have resulted in a  different outcome, but I suspect it had done it’s job.

These are just a few ideas to get you started about how to cleanse, program and care for your crystals. Do you have other techniques? I’d love to hear them – feel free to share in the comments below 🔮