Card of the Day – 25 February: White Tara

White Tara


Today’s card is WHITE TARA from the Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue.

This card says: “You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

Message from White Tara: “As you’ve purified your inner world of thoughts, actions, and intentions, it’s natural that you seek purity in your outer world as well. This is to acknowledge your heightened sensitivity, which is as real as it seems! You’ve stripped away the outer protective layers of unneeded defenses, which blocked your psychic and spiritual awareness. Now you’re on the path of ascension, which calls for your heightened awareness. And with this awareness comes new levels of sensitivity to the impure and harsh. Your body is a trustworthy instrument of measurement of your tolerance level. Steer clear of that which your body signals you to avoid. Take excellent care of your body, and it shall serve you well!”

Various meanings of this card: knowledge and honour your sensitivity. Take steps to protect yourself from negativity. Avoid chemicals. Stay clear of situations where there is loud noise, crowds, violent media, and other triggers.

I’ve included both amazonite spheres and a scolecite freeform stone today.

Amazonite is known to absorb microwaves and mobile phone emanations, and protect against electromagnetic pollution. It is also an extremely soothing stone. At an emotional level, Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It dispels negative energy and aggravation.

Scolecite brings the light of divine peace into the darkest depths of your being, illuminating and purifying the soul and offering the medicine of inner peace.

I hope you have a peaceful day! 💜