Card of the Day – 14 July: Clown of Crossroads

Clown of Crossroads

Today’s card is CLOWN OF CROSSROADS from the Divine Circus Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

This card says: The Clown of Crossroads card comes to you when you are at a choice point, a time for you to make a decision and realise that your life does not have to continue on as it has been anymore. You are at a pattern-breaking, life-changing moment, or soon will be. Of course you can try to continue with the status quo, keeping things the same as they are now for as long as you can. However in doing so, you will be saying no to the pathway opening up for you, leading to a different life ahead.

In nature, all things must grow. What is suitable for one phase of development might be unduly constraining or inadequately stimulating for the next phase of growth.

When the Clown of Crossroads comes to you, she tells you that it is time for a new phase of life to begin. You cannot continue on without making a clear choice, a commitment to what matters to you, a decision to see something through or to let it go once and for all. Be patient as you feel for the truth of your choice, whilst remaining courageous enough not to procrastinate and become stuck in the indecision.

The crossroads often means leaving something behind as a rite of passage. You cannot take your whole life with you into new territory. Certain people may be able to change and grow along with you, but other relationships, situations or circumstances will have to be sacrificed on the altar of new life. This can be difficult and you must honour your loss, whilst at the same time remembering that it is for your sacred purpose which will ultimately bring you greater joy.

I’ve included amazonite spheres today. The crystal devas of amazonite suggest it is a perfect time to focus your attention on your life purpose. It is the birthright of everyone on this planet to know, experience and embody fully his or her divine purpose.

Have a magical day 💗