Card of the Day – 18 July: Abundance



Today’s card is ABUNDANCE from the Chakra Reading Cards deck by Rachelle Charman from The Academy of Crystal Awakening.

This card has appeared today as a reminder that abundance is available for you at all times. It is your natural state of being to resonate at this expansive vibration. The world and the universe is a playground of abundant energy, which is available to you in each moment of each day. If you have been stuck in a conscious state of not being able to attract and manifest your heart’s desires, know that the door of abundance is wide open and inviting you to step inside.

You are a co-creator with the universe and can manifest in abundance anything you require at any time. If the bills have been piling up and there seems to be a lack of finances to go around, know that abundance is at hand. Abundance comes in many forms not just money. Love, joy, gratitude and healing are here for you now.

Take a moment today to tune in to and feel and acknowledge the abundance in your life. Become aware of how you may be sabotaging or shutting yourself off to this powerful energy and do what is required to allow this flow to occur once again. You may wish to ask your angels for help to clear any blockages, do a guided meditation or even work with some powerful crystals like citrine.

I’ve included citrine and carnelian today – both powerful stones for attracting abundance into your life!

Have a fantastic day! 🔥✨🙏