Card of the Day – 13 May: Fluorite



Good morning! Today’s card is FLUORITE from the Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman.

This card says that fluorite is one of the most effective crystals to awaken knowledge and enhance learning abilities. It stimulates the brain to retain and restore information and is a great crystal to connect with while studying. This powerful medicine also assists in healing the memory, restoring it to its natural state.

This card has appeared today as a sign that you are entering into a powerful time of learning. The crystal devas of Fluorite are working closely with you as you become aware and open to new experiences and opportunities. The most powerful way of learning is through your own life experiences. You are being encouraged at this time to look within and bring forth the wisdom that you have learned in life so far.

This card may also be showing you that a situation you are currently experiencing is bringing great lessons and learning into your life. Be open to this receive the gifts from the devas of Fluorite as you integrate deep with them into your life. If you have been considering studying or pursuing something that you love and inspires you, the timing is right. Whatever your situation, know that this is a powerful time of learning and growth that will assist you greatly as you move forward.

Have a wonderful day! ✨🔮💚