Card of the Day – 12 June: Risk It

Card reading - risk it


Today’s card is from the Crazy Sexy Love Notes deck by Kris Carr. It’s a sign for us to risk it!

This card says: “Great things are born from those brave enough to fly – those who are willing to risk failure. Your dreams require action, and you’re ready to make a move. Remember you have nothing to lose. Even if you flop, you’ll receive valuable insight. So get off your butt and take a leap. Go for it!”

I’ve included amethyst and labradorite with today’s card.

Amethyst is beneficial to the mind, and can calm or stimulate as required. It’s also one of the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities and the psychic debris from previous disappointments, including those experiences in previous lives. It strengthens faith in the self and trust in the Universe.

Have a magical day! ✨