Card of the Day – 1 May: Two of Autumn

Two of Autumn


Today’s card is TWO OF AUTUMN from the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

This card says: You’re quite capable of handling many things at once! Your ability to multitask and still do outstanding work offers you ample opportunities for the future. Yet it can also be exhausting if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing.

Make everything you do joyful! You can balance work with play if you seek out the fun in every moment. Even if the pleasures are small in relative terms, they can lead to greater and greater happiness. The Law of Attraction sees you being playful and delivers do you more and more fun! Find the humour in your situation and your concerns will fade away.

Additional meanings of this card: juggling multiple priorities or jobs. Accomplishing more than you’d dreams of. Handling all the details. Making big changes in your career.

I’ve included beautiful chrysocolla tumble stones today. Chrysocolla can help you to accept with serenity situations that are constantly changing, invoking great inner strength. Psychologically, this stone encourages self-awareness and inner balance, and imparts confidence and sensitivity. It enhances personal power and inspires creativity.

Have a fabulous day!